Custom Cable Assembly

Custom Cable Assembly

Three Arrows Corporation has the industry experience and expertise to build virtually any custom cable assembly needed to meet your designs and specifications.  Our team has experience producing custom cable assemblies for industrial, medical, and avionics & defense industries.

Don’t Take Chances on the Wrong Cables

Let Three Arrows Corporation take the risk out of your cable selection and procurement process.  We can assess the intended use of your assembly and offer real world advice to identify improvements that will maximize the life and performance of your custom cable harness or terminated assembly.  With over 40 years of advanced cable manufacturing experience as well as an extensive inventory of equipment that includes various flat cable presses and tooling, we can wind, lace, and modify off-the-shelf product and provide uniquely constructed wire harness and cable assemblies to your designs and specifications.

Custom Cable Assembly Comprehensive Equipment Listing:

  • Agilent Technologies N9923A FieldFox RF Vector Network Analyzer
  • American Hakko soldering stations
  • Artos Engineering CS-29 wire processing machine
  • Berg Electronics crimp tools
  • Berg Electronics PV-250A semi-automatic application machine (with tooling for Mini-PV™ receptacle)
  • Cablescan continuity tester
  • Cirris Touch 1 - HP high voltage tester (with hi-pot capability and printed confirmation)
  • Cirris Touch 1 high voltage tester
  • Daniels Mfg. Corp. adaptor tool sets for over twelve MIL-C series connectors
  • Daniels Mfg. Corp. WA22 pneumatic indent crimp tool (with full range of dies)
  • Daniels Mfg. Corp. WA27F pneumatic indent crimp tool (with full range of dies)
  • Hexacon solder pot (both 63/37 alloy and SAC305)
  • Hirose crimping machine (with applicators)
  • Hirose hand tools
  • Molex hand tools (with full range of dies)
  • Panduit CT-720 manual crimping tool (with full range of dies)
  • Pico 400-BHD pneumatic crimping tool (with full range of dies)
  • Pico 500-D pneumatic crimping tool (with full range of dies)
  • Plato solder pot (both 63/37 alloy and SAC305)
  • Raychem IR-550 infrared heating tool
  • Schleuniger JacketStrip 8310 jacket slitting machine
  • Schleuniger MP 257 coaxial cable stripper (with programmable stripping of coaxial cable and tough insulations)
  • Schleuniger OmniStrip 9400 automatic wire processor (with prefeeder and wire stacker)
  • Schleuniger UniStrip 2015 stripping machine
  • Schleuniger UniStrip 2100 stripping machine
  • Schleuniger UniStrip 2500 stripping machine
  • Sotcher Measurement Hi-Pot / Continuity Tester
  • TE Connectivity AMP-O-LECTRIC Model "G" terminating machines (with applicators)
  • TE Connectivity CERTI-CRIMP hand tools (with over 100 dies)
  • TE Connectivity DYNA-CRIMP electric/hydraulic power units (with heads and tooling)
  • TE Connectivity hydraulic hand crimp tooling
  • TE Connectivity pneumatic crimp tooling (with interchangeable dies)
  • Thomas & Betts TBM6 manual crimp tool (with full range of dies)
  • Van Dorn Demag Corporation Newbury 30 30-ton vertical clamp injection molding machine

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Our skilled team of assembly experts has the experience to work with you on your custom cabling requirements.   With over 40 years of experience in custom cabling, we’ve become the experts that manufacturers rely on when quality and dependability are mission critical.

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