Industrial Equipment

Industrial Equipment

Why Choose Three Arrows

Our product is your product.  OEM designs need to function the way they were intended and our team of skilled assemblers ensures that documentation is followed correctly.  We may be a domestic manufacturer but our work stands the test of the global stage and helps to make our customers' products perform at peak levels.

The custom cable assemblies we terminate, the panels we assemble and wire, the specialty interconnect systems we configure, or PC board assemblies we populate all become part of machines that serve elaborate purposes.

Automated precision component placement equipment, high speed printers, industrial controls, sensors, servo amplifiers and simulation-related chassis, power entry cables, current detection devices, panels and simulation-related assemblies are all typical equipment groups that we have manufactured products to serve.

Purchasing through final assembly is a controlled process that leads to successful completion of customer products that enable high-end equipment to reliably serve the marketplace.  We utilize real-time data collection to aid in optimizing work flow, job tracking, and quality management.

Our constantly upgraded state-of-the-art equipment is enhanced with additional tooling, periodic calibration, and charted data to maintain required traceability and reliable outcomes.

Let Three Arrows Handle All Your Industrial Equipment Assembly Needs

No matter the industry, Three Arrows Corporation has the cutting edge equipment and a highly skilled team of assemblers to deliver high quality electronic assemblies to meet demanding deadlines and stay on budget.

Call us at (607) 723-9567 or visit our online quote request form to get started today.